Mastery of Self

Master Coach LaKendra Smalley is the founder and CEO of the Global Institute for Coaches and Entrepreneurs, Inc. She is also the founder of H.Y.P.E. Nation, Inc., & H.Y.P.E. Kids- a non-profit for urban girls, in partnership with their mothers'.


Master Coach LaKendra has created an "Inspired Collection for a Cause" as an ongoing series to benefit and support charities and causes that touched the hearts and lives of all of us. These masterful series will give you the opportunity to serve many underserve organizations/charities that caters to minority youth all around the world.


"Inspired Collection for a Cause, will be one of my greatest masterpieces I'll design for many to join in to make a difference. The time is now that we stand in unity, and build for a promising future with equality for all as its core." -Master Coach LaKendra Smalley

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